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Recycling. Resources preservation. Anti-pollution.

The pivotal point in our production processes is efficiency – for the protection of the environment and preservation of natural resources.

  • Using the recycling potential of materials

Sorted according to material composition the cast and the circulation material can be melted and reused for further casts. The use of modern techniques and know-how of our employees enables us to combine recycling and high-quality materials for the final product.

  • Improving efficiency along the complete supply chain

    Protective use of resources begins in the planning phase of the production process. Here lie the biggest potential savings of a production process.

    Efficient methods are for example the recirculation of heat losses, as is the case of thermal energy from the air compressor or avoiding transport routes by concentrating added value on the spot.

    Casting as a remodelling production process bears in it high efficiency of materials and energy. Almost limitless design and rational use of resources are preserving our resources during production and during a later use of the cast.

    Simulations with the aid of CAD-systems and finite-elements methods, for the processes of filling or solidification, enable us to optimise the founding system even before the first cast and therefore we are reducing material use and risks of defects

    Also the prolongation of the lifecycle of a casting contributes massively to preservation of resources. At Esterer we achieve this among others via a high-quality thermal treatment which positively influences on the reliability as regards wear-off and corrosion.

  • Reducing emissions

    In order to protect nature and the health of the local residents and of our workers we strongly emphasize anti-pollution. Here we are considering as well as prevention exhaust gases and are actively following regulations on exhaust fumes and also in the field of disposal of production waste.

    Therefore we use high-quality additive materials in order to reduce gas and odour emissions, our machinery is equipped with filters and the newest control technology and we conduct active noise protection.

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