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Esterer Gießerei - Spheroidal iron (EN-GJS), SiMo, ADI

Spheroidal iron (EN-GJS), SiMo, ADI

High ductility and great tensile strength

Spheroidal iron shows high ductility. And even more. It possesses an extremely high solidity, which is partly even higher than ductile and steel cast iron with identical ductility values.

An additional advantage of the material: through further alloying we can further improve abrasion resistance, heat and corrosion resistance.

Also for this the reason of the material characteristics lies in the structure of the iron-carbon alloy. The graphite shows a structure in the form of a small ball within the cast iron. Thus, spheroidal iron is also referred to as spherulitic graphite cast iron.

In our foundry we offer you as spherulitic graphite cast iron the following specifications
(Details of the physical values can be found in the list below):


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