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Either clean or shinny – we make everything possible!

Blasting of casts can have different purposes. We can clean parts, do plastic deformation or optimise the surface structure.

The most common used process is clearly the blasting of casts with metallic shots, the so called metallic blasting. Here the part is shot at with steel bullets in order to remove adhesions from the production process as are sand or tinder.

Casts are also cleaned with the help of corundum blasting. Corundum as a chrystallised aluminium oxide is a very sharp-edged blast agent, which is rather suitable for the removal of varnishes or rust and it creates a rough surface.

A special procedure is blasting wih glass beads. The surface of the part is with this procedure substantially less roughen as when treated with metal or corundum. Through the treatment with glass beads we can achieve a plastic deformation of the cast. This deformation creates a different tension on the surface of the part and it increases the material’s solidity and stability.

Do you have questions about the after-treatment ? Our competent employees are at your disposal for information about blasting!


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