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Quality assurance

We at Esterer have high demands to the quality of our products and on the satisfaction of our clients.

According to this we are thoroughly pursuing quality assurance within our company by non-destructive material testings with the aid of the following measuring techniques:

  • Spectral analysis
    Continous controls of the melting process and of the used raw materials with the aid of spectral analysis procedures.

Ohter tests that we can offer you if required are:

  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)
    An acustic procedure for the detection of material faults as are cracks with the aid of ultrasonics.
  • Dye penetrant tasting (PT)
    With the aid of a penetrant, a so called contraster, fine surface cracking and pores are made visible.
  • Magnetic particle test (MT)
    We use this method in order to prove cracks on the surface or near the surface of a ferromagnetic part. It is also referred as magnetic particle cracking test, flux test or fluxing.
  • X-ray test (RT)
    The x-ray test, also called the radiographic test, is an imaging method which is used for showing differences in material or inhomogeneous zones within the material.
  • Dimensional inspection
    The dimensional inspection is a necessary inspection procedure together with visual inspection. The control over the exact dimensions of a cast part is done with an accuracy of up to one-hundredth of a millimetre with the aid of CNC-controlled measuring instruments.
  • Tracking of mechanical values
    In cooperation with established testing institutes we track mechanic values such as breaking stress, yield strength, fracture strain or notched bar impact work of our materials by casting Y-samples or taking samples directly from the cast.
  • Structure inspection
    Microsection of the part structure is likewise a constituent part of quality assurance for our castings, for example as regards to mechanical values of corrosion resistance or fatigue strength.

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