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Chilled cast iron

Unbreakable hardness

At chilled cast iron the name is the program: an extreme abrasion resistance of the iron-carbon alloy makes this material ideal for camshafts, ore crushers, grinding plates and even for armour plates for mills.

But, what makes cast iron so hard and indestructable?
Here the reason is in the inclusion of carbon. At chilled cast iron carbon is not present as graphite, but it is bind as iron carbide in high concentration. Typical for chilled cast iron is the so called white fracture. In analogy we are referring to this also as white cast iron.

Non-alloyed steel will be especially hard with ledeburite (austenite and cementite), which forms during the meta-stabile solidification of cast iron, also called white solidification.
At highly alloyed chilled cast iron carbides from chrome, molybdenum, vanadium or niobium develop.

We can achieve a stabile solidification of cast iron also through a slight cooling phase or via a bigger wall thickness of the part. In that case again graphite is formed from a matrix of ferrite and perlite.

In our foundry we offer the following specification in the line of chilled cast iron (details on the physical values are available as download in the following list):


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