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Heat treatment

Solid, hardy, cutting? It is up to you!

After-treatment of a cast part with the use of temperature is mostly used to have an impact on the characterstics of the material.
According to the chosen process we can adjust the quality of the cast to the requirements of the operating area.

Especially cast steel preserves its exceptional mechanical features through thermal processes:
So with tempering, normalising and annealing we can receive better solidity. Normalising and annealing give higher hardiness. The residual stress in steel cast lowered through low-tension annealing and steel with a carbon share of more than 0.4 per cent is better cut when processed via annealing.

Next to this we can with heat, controlled quenching or cooling influence the composition of the alloy compounds of the material. Also, here the after-treatment aims at the adjustment of the material characteristics to the target of the specific cast part.

Within the after-treatment of casts we at Esterer are conducting the following heat treatment methods:

  • Low-tension annealing
  • Normalising
  • Annealing
  • Ferritise
  • Isothermal annealing
  • Air hardening and tempering
  • Oil and water quenching and tempering
  • Hardening

Do you have questions about heat treatment? Feel free to contact us! We are glad to be of assistance on the telephone or via email.


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