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Nickel base alloy

Various applications with excellent resistance towards high temperatures

As regards to its characteristics at high temperatures nickel base alloys are in many ways superior to steels. Nickel base alloys are in use mostly when a usage with extensive thermal resistance near the melting point is needed and/or we are working in carburization surroundings. Thus, components from nickel base alloys are mostly used in energy production, chemical industry, aviation and with oil and gas production.

High demands for production

Nickel base alloys tend to oxidise during the melting procedure, which is highly demanding for the technical procedure of melting itself. Furthermore, the molten mass of nickel base alloys is thicker as the molten mass of steel and it is more demanding when filling the casting mould.

In our foundry we offer you nickel base alloys and thermal resistant steels in the following specifications
(details of the physical characteristics can be downloaded from the following list):




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