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Own treatment in Altötting

In our machining department in Altötting we offer mechanic production with the aid of CNS-lathes and with tiller rotors and boring mills.

Specifically the following machining centres are available:

CNC – Lathe and Milling

Esterer foundry

Mori Seiki NT5400DCG 1800S

  • 5-axels simultaneous milling
  • 40-tool charger
  • Milling X,Y,Z: 590 mm, 510 mm, 1800 mm
  • 2 opposite horizontal turning spindles with a feed-through of 103 mm
  • Lathe-milling spindle ATC Capto C8
  • Lathe diameter maximum 920 mm
  • Lathe length maximum 1800 mm
  • Mobile steady rest (clamping diameter maximum 390 mm)
  • Machining processes as lathing, spindling, drilling, cutting-down, reaming, threading (axial and radial), thread lathing, milling and thread milling

CNC – turning

Spinner TC 800 – 110 – I –MC

  • 2 axles with additional C-axle for spindle, tailstock and steady rest
  • 12-way turret with powered tools
  • Lathing diameter  maximum 500 millimetre
  • Lathing length maximum 1500 millimetre
  • Machining processes as are lahting, spindleing, drilling, cutting, reaming (axial and radial), thread lathing, milling

CNC – milling

Alzmetall BAZ 26 CNC

  • 3 axles with additional 4th. and 5th axle (NC-dividing attachment)
  • Tool turret with 24 tools
  • Processs range X / Y / Z in millimetres 1200 / 600 / 800
  • Machining processes as milling, drilling, cutting, reaming, thread milling and spindeling

The following materials can be processed:

Esterer foundry
Size check with index arm
Esterer foundry
Control of the machining center

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