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Pickling and Galvanising

Treated and protected surfaces

Pickling and galvanising of the surfaces of casts is one of the most important methods of after-treatment. The aim is cleaning and sometimes coating of parts with top metals for the purpose of anti-corrosion.

At pickling layers of oxides and tinder or also rust, soldering slag or metal coatings are removed with the aid of a chemical or electro-chemical process with aggressive pickle liquids. Here mainly acids or lye are used. Pickling is also used for roughening of the surface or for colouring.

A classic method for surface-protection against corrosion is galvanising. Here the part which needs to be galvanised is coated within an electrolytical process with the desired metal coating. This method of surface-coating is mainly used for coppering, chrome-plating, nickel-plating, tin coating or for silver- or gold-plating..

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Galvanisiertes Gussteil
Galvanisiertes Gussteil

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