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Rapid Forming

Limitless possibilities with strict time constrains

In addition to conventional moulding production through hand-moulding or machine-moulding, we are in the position to offer our clients the production of individual and small-series castings and cores through the process of rapid forming.

Without the prior production of a model series we can produce a complete cast after an adaptation of your 3D-construction data or a total mould in a short time via the process of additive production.

The process of Rapid Forming is especially suitable

  • with very short production deadlines
  • during the development phase (no costs for moulds)
  • in principle with very sophisticated and complex geometries

This process is not only restricted to small castings but at the moment the following dimensions of moulds are possible: (LxWxH) 4.000 x 2.000 x 1.000 millimetres.

Do contact us! Our competent employees are at your disposal and will be happy to tell you all about the topic of Rapid Forming.

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