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Moulding process

Flexibility at production, quantity and size

It does not matter if you order castings in bigger or smaller quantities or if you just need a prototype: here at Esterer we are flexible as regards to your requirements and we offer our customers the best-possible service and high-end casting products under economically feasible conditions.

The basis for this is among others our broad range of production processes for castings. According to the extent of your order and according to the product-specific requirements we choose for you the most cost-effective and efficient method.

Do you have big variations in wall thickness, fine core geometries or castings with very thin walls? No problem! Our qualified employees will implement your wishes with the aid of high-quality and proven supporting materials.

We achieve the biggest possible flexibility via moulding machines, which are designed for frequent changes of moulds and they guarantee high precision when repeating a process. We have an optimal ratio between sand and casting which is achieved with our flask sizes. And also in our core shop we have a number of efficient production processes at our disposal.

We offer the following moulding processes:

On the following pages you can convince yourself about the capacity of our foundry! Do you have questions about our specific moulding processes? We are here to answer all your questions.


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