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Model construction

Wooden, plastic and polystyrene models from the in-house shop

The following principle applies for us: a casting can only be as good as the mould which is used for the production of it

Our qualified builders will make an exact model for your desired casting – in a conventional manner according to your drawings or after your 3D-CAD dataset via milling. Of course we will consider all casting requirements and we will continuously verify the mould during its production.

We produce models for hand-moulding and for machine-moulding in the following materials

  • Wood,
  • Plastics or rigid forms and
  • Polystyrene (irrecoverable moulds for the LostFoam process).

And if any changes or adaptations should be necessary, it is also no problem for us. As all works are done in our own workshop we can guarantee short reaction times with new model settings, model changes or model servicing.

Do you have questions in connection with model constructions? Contact us! We will gladly offer some advice.

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