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New beginning

New orientation of Esterer AG during the times of the economic miracle

The economic boom of Altötting was heavily influenced by World War II. Although the town itself was not destroyed much because of many hospitals located there but an inflow of refugees, prisoners of war and exiles from eastern and south-eastern Europe was a great challenge for the town.

Also for both managers of the engineering company Esterer - graduate engineers Fritz and Max Esterer – the situation in Germany after World War II was a big challenge. But they seized the chance to take part with their company at the economic miracle of Germany, they implemented courageous restructuring measures und they brought Esterer AG again onto a successful path.

In the following decades Fritz and Max Esterer contributed heavily to the new economic and technical surrounding conditions. Thus they decided in 1959 to build railway engines and around 1970 they stopped with the production of agricultural machinery.

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