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Dupelx stainless steel

High resistance to corrosion in comparison to aggressive media and at the same time high strength

Due to its high corrosion resistance duplex stainless steels are often used in areas where there is a permanent contact between parts and aggressive media as for example with crude oil or sea water.

The two-phase structure of duplex stainless steels which consists of a ferritic matrix with austenite pads produces a combination of characteristics of stainless chromium steels (ferritic or martensitic) and chromium-nickel steels (austenitic). This enables duplex steels to have a good ratio between strength and ductility. Furthermore they show high fatigue strength even under corrosive strain.

Due to its welding characteristics duplex stainless steel parts can be easily fitted into bigger assemblies.

Details on the physical values of the materials, which our foundry produces from duplex stainless steel, can be found in the data sheet Duplex stainless steels.pdf, which is available for download.


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