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Job description „Foundry mechanic“

Foundry mechanics produce castings out of liquefied iron or steel, out of aluminium, brass or zinc. These parts are used in machines or equipment as are turbines, ships or cars.

For these purposes foundry mechanics in the first stage prepare a casting mould after an exact model of the desired part and fill this mould with liquid metal. In a second stage they clean the finished casting, conduct the after-treatment and finally they perform a detailed quality control.

In our foundry we offer trainings for foundry mechanics in the speciality “hand moulding”. The concluded course enables not only to work in foundries but also with the automotive supplier industry, in mechanical engineering or in iron and steel industry.

Besides the speciality “hand moulding” also jobs with specialities in “die casting and cast-iron moulding” and “machine mould casting” are taught. The detailed speciality knowledge is acquired after the third training year.

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