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Esterer Gießerei - Ni-Resist / austenitic cast iron (EN-GJLA/EN-GJSA)

Ni-Resist / austenitic cast iron (EN-GJLA/EN-GJSA)

High resistance to corrosion and not magnetisable

If one needs high resistance to corrosion, e.g. against the influences of sea water or against alkaline mediums, then the material Ni-Resist is highly suitable.
Further Ni-Resist, also called austenitic cast iron, is non-scaling, resistant to erosion and is not magnetisable.

The reason for these characteristics is the high share of nickel of more than 20 per cent.

Thus, Ni-Resist is often used in the areas of food industry, shipbuilding and medical engineering.
Examples for construction parts made of this material are pumps, valves, furnace parts, sockets, piston rings, compressors, turbo-charger casings, exhaust manifolds.

Details on the physical values of the materials we produce from Ni-Resist (austenitic cast iron) are available in the data sheet Ni-Resist/austenitic cast iron (EN-GJSA).pdf, which is available for you as a Download-file.


Ni-Resist / austenitic cast iron
Ni-Resist - melting

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